How to Find the Perfect Cottage

The summer weather is beautiful, but as you sit on your back deck at home enjoying the sun, you’re also listening to the hustle of the city. It might be that very moment when you decide it’s time to step into the cottage lifestyle. But where do you start your search for the perfect cottage?

You know you have a budget to stick to and you definitely don’t want to end up in a campground full of beer drinking college students. So we’re helping to take some of the guesswork out of your search with this lifestyle checklist that will set you in the right direction.

How do you like to spend your time?

Think about what you want to do at your cottage. Relaxing is obviously top on the agenda, but you also need to consider other entertainment and activities. An afternoon fishing, golfing or boating may be top on your list, or maybe you want to do some reading or yoga on a sandy beach while the children or grandchildren play in the playground. Are evening activities important too? Most Parkbridge resort cottage locations offer recreation halls for cribbage, darts, cards and other games for those cool or rainy nights.

Do you like a sense of community?

Cottages are known for their sense of community. Neighbours may stop by to share their latest recipe, have a beverage on the dock or play a board game inside while it rains. Children meet new friends and spend their days swimming and playing with others. There is laughter to be heard amongst the sounds of boats, waves and birds. Ask yourself if this is the type of community you want. If it is, then a resort cottage is an ideal option and there is no better community to be a part of than the Kawarthas. They are known to bring families and friends together. We’ve even heard stories of cottagers growing up and marrying each other!

What is your ideal commute to and from the cottage?

Time is precious to everyone, whether you’re retired or working. You might be less concerned about how long it takes to get to the cottage because you know the wait will be worth it. On the other hand, you may want to get there within an hour or two so your time away can start sooner. Perhaps your ideal cottage commute also includes scenery along the way and less busy routes so you can enjoy the drive.

If the latter points describe your ideal commute, the Kawarthas is a cottage location to consider. For example, the Lonesome Pine cottage resort is just 90 minutes from Toronto, so you’ll enjoy travel on routes with less gridlock and more scenery.

What amenities do you want close by?

Life happens at the cottage! Is it important that there’s a grocery store nearby? Do you want to take in local attractions, like a farmer’s market, a zoo, museums or even a casino? How about a hospital or doctor’s office within a short distance? Sometimes remote cottages have the disadvantage of being…well, too remote! In today’s world, many people value relaxation at a cottage, but they also want to feel connected and able to get out and explore. The proximity to Peterborough and Lindsay make the Kawarthas even more convenient for life’s amenities.

What is your budget?

Last, but not least, ask yourself what you can afford or are willing to pay. In recent years, cottages have increased in value, just like the rest of the real estate market. Cottages in prime locations with the amenities you desire may seem out of reach. In reality, there are options for a much more reasonable budget than you might think. Consider a three-season, four-star resort cottage in the Kawarthas, offering all the amenities of a typical cottage, plus so much more….and for a lot less budget.

Now that you’ve answered these questions, you should have more clarity about where to find the perfect cottage. Consider your start at a Parkbridge resort in the beautiful Kawarthas — it offers a lifestyle you’ll love at first sight.