The Park Model Cottage: Live More With Less and For Less

The cost of living continues to rise and so does the real estate market. These two factors have prompted a new trend: the Park Model cottage. People are embracing this trend out of the desire to live more with less, and for less.

Now think of the last time you were at a cottage. It was likely smaller in size (less than 1000 square feet), with just the perfect amount of space to make eating, sleeping and family gatherings enjoyable. There wasn’t much ‘stuff’ around because at a cottage you have to maximize every inch of space — plus, you spend more time outside than in.

We would argue that a cottage is the original Park Model cottage, before it became a buzz term or trend! This is why people love cottaging so much. It’s an opportunity to leave all the ‘stuff’ behind and live more with less and for less. Here’s how…

1. Live More, With Less

Cottage life is about enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. It’s about making memories and sharing experiences. When you’re at the cottage, you live more with just the essential food to make a BBQ delicious, you bring a bathing suit and a few casual pieces of clothes and flip flops. You play board games rather than an Xbox. You go boating or golfing rather than staying inside to watch TV. You maximize every inch of space with less knick knacks and decorative items and more cozy and comfortable spots for family and friends to hang out and chat. You would be surprised how living more with less ‘stuff’ can even positively impact your mood and make for a happier cottage.

2. Live More, For Less

If you’ve ever considered purchasing a cottage, you may have suffered sticker shock. Unless you go very far from major cities into remote cottage areas, the cost of a cottage seems almost unattainable these days. And these areas are often so remote, rustic and off the beaten path that it makes even a quick trip to get a few forgotten groceries a dreaded journey. Even a cell phone signal is impossible. Add property taxes, maintenance and boat docking fees to the mix, and your cottage is suddenly costing more than your cottage! You can’t do much living when the expenses keep creeping higher.

This is why a park model cottage in a cottage resort community, such as the Kawarthas, is the perfect ‘Park Model cottage’ option. You can enjoy all that cottage life has to offer, like water activities, recreation, bonfires and fun with family, but also benefit from a shorter commute, easy access to shopping and attractions, low maintenance and utility fees, and little to no property tax. And quite possibly the best feature: a Parkbridge park model cottage comes fully furnished, including appliances, so your expenses even at the start of ownership are less than you’d expect.

If you’re ready to discover just how beautiful and surprisingly spacious a resort cottage can be, come visit us for a private tour at one of our Parkbridge resort communities in the Kawarthas. You will love the benefits of living more with less, and for much less cost than you’d expect!