The Ultimate Date Night in the Kawarthas


Cottage life is all about family and enjoying weekends and summers together on the lake, but sometimes it’s nice to have a night out as a couple. Whether it’s an anniversary celebration or simply a date night without the children, you are guaranteed to have a list of unique evening activities to enjoy in the Kawarthas and surrounding area.

Here is a list of date night worthy spots to consider throughout the cottage season:

One of the other benefits of a date night while at your cottage resort is how easy it is to find a babysitter. The strong sense of community and close knit neighbours creates an extension of your family. Chances are, the kids won’t miss you at all and they will be fast asleep by the time you and your ‘date’ get back!

Come explore the many things to do in the Kawarthas and enjoy a personal tour of a Parkbridge park model home and resort area. We think you’ll be planning your first of many date nights very soon!