What is a Resort Cottage?

In our previous article about how to find the perfect cottage, we talked about resort cottages and how they may be the ideal solution for your lifestyle and budget. If you aren’t familiar with a resort cottage, we’d like to enlighten you on what you’ve been missing out on. Here are some of the wonderful benefits…

Unique Vacation Experience for the Whole Family

When you think of cottage, you think about relaxation, family, friends, outdoor activities and nights around the camp fire. You get all that and more at a resort cottage. Featuring activities and unique adventures for the whole family, resort cottages offer planned events for children, Canada Day celebrations, card and game tournaments, tennis and basketball courts, pools (if the lake isn’t your style), recreation halls, mini-golf, playgrounds and sandy beaches. It’s truly a four star resort experience where memories are made every day. Boredom is not possible at a Parkbridge cottage resort!

Low Maintenance, Affordable Living

When you buy a cottage resort, you don’t have to buy the lot it’s on. This is a significant cost savings versus the average cottage. The result: you get more cottage for less. Combine that with benefit of having amenities and facilities that are maintained by us rather than you, and you’ve got a cottage that you never dreamed you’d have. Our marinas even help give boat owners peace of mind by offering full-service management and technical expertise. How’s that for resort living?

Conveniently Close to Everything

Resort cottages are typically within easy reach to major centres, such as our resorts in the Kawarthas, which are only minutes from Peterborough or Lindsay. This means you can relax and enjoy cottage life, while being conveniently close to shopping and other life essentials. Bored of our book selection at the cottage? Head into the local library for some new reads. Need to visit the pharmacy? There will be one not far away. In the mood for a movie? It’s a short drive to the theatre.

Private and Secure

Even though resort cottages are close to major centres, privacy is not sacrificed. As with any cottage, you are surrounded by trees, off the beaten path, with water close by (if not at your dock step). You can be as social or as quiet as you wish with your neighbours. Of course, we know the time will come when you have to return home. You needn’t worry about leaving your resort cottage for weeks or months. At Parkbridge cottage resorts, security is managed by staff and you will be alerted to any issues should the need arise.

If you’re ready to make memories begin in a resort cottage, take a look at Parkbridge’s beautiful, affordable resorts in the Kawarthas.